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Went to Eva and Evelyn’s house on the 4th day of Chinese New Year (13/2), played some card games and had a good dinner prepared by their mum. Ended my day with a Skype video call, heh. On the 15th of February, I drove back to Seremban with my mum and dad to visit my grandpa. It’s quite a sad fact to see him in the old folks’ home; thus, he was brought back home. Couldn’t stand listening to the many rantings and arguments in the home at Seremban, so my dad and I decided to drop-by Jusco, Seremban 2. Yes, while I was finding for parking, this bugger here doesn’t know how to park.

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On the 3rd day of Chinese New Year (12/2), bro brought us to Kuala Selangor. About 1 hour plus from KL. The scenery is awesome! We were there for famous cendol bakar, tame monkeys, and famous crab! :)

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Happy Chinese New Year people! Spent my time with these awesome cousins, lousang and mahjong! :D

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Well, I guess it all depends on what you think is a waste of time, but I try not to feel guilty about spending my time doing something I like (ex: reading a book all morning). ^^Had trouble finding the source of this quote, but apparently it’s not Lennon or Russell.


Well, I guess it all depends on what you think is a waste of time, but I try not to feel guilty about spending my time doing something I like (ex: reading a book all morning). ^^

Had trouble finding the source of this quote, but apparently it’s not Lennon or Russell.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! :)

Attended class like normal days. Coincidentally, my friend and I wore matching shoes to class. Hahaha. Nothing much happened except for the enormous workload and forever alone peeps being sad or emo over this day.

The Student Action Club gathering night invitation card that was hung on my door knob kinda made my day.

Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers. Yes, it is. But one thing, do think of your love ones such as friends and family members. They are worth spending time with.

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Skipped Moral class in the morning because I wanted to watch the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. My favourite singer, Taylor Swift won Best Country Song and Best Country Performance for the song, ”Mean”. Adele bagged 6 Grammy Awards, well that wasn’t a surprise. I really like her songs, especially ”Someone Like You”.

Dad decided to fetch me back to campus. Reached Nilai at around 4.15 pm. I had class at 4 pm. Didn’t attend, so my friend and I ended up in Sushi King, Nilai. It was satisfying because I used the RM20 vouchers and there were discounts!

Dropped by Popular Bookstore, Giant Nilai to spend my first RM50 book voucher. Pilot G1 blue and black refills were out of stock! Trust me, it was difficult to spend it.

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I had dinner with mom at Tsim Tsung Restaurant, Pandan Indah. Mom thought that it was a high class restaurant because the setting allows people to go ”wow”. I thought that at first. 

Received red roses from the Woman of Worth Seminar :)

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Woke up as early as 7 am to have breakfast with mom and fetch her to Tropicana Gold and Country Resort for the Woman of Worth Seminar. Had a great time there with a few friends. After that, I drove back to KL. Check out the building, I think it caught fire because there were too much smoke coming out from it.

Once I reached KL, I drove back to my home, took a bath and prepared to go to Bukit Bintang until my friends told me that they left Bukit Bintang and headed to my friend’s place. I drove to my friend’s place and one of my friends needed to head somewhere for prayers. So Yin Ying and I ended up in Quan’s Cafe at Desa Pandan. After lunch, Yin Ying, Khavi and I went to a cybercafe nearby and played Serious Sam! The game was okay, but it made Yin Ying felt nauseous. Hahaha. After playing it for about 2 hours, I drove us back to Khavi’s place to chill out and played with her pets. 

I got a shock when I saw Fiddo, the big fat cat. Hahahaha!!

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Wanted to upload a picture of what I saw during Business Accounting 2 class today but I felt that it was kind of inappropriate so I decided not to. After class, my friend, Canaan and I went to the cafeteria to take away pizza because he’s too hungry. It was around 6.30 pm when he picked up another friend, Chen from the hostel block. Thanks Canaan for sending me to the KTM almost every Friday! :)

Reached back home at around 8.10 pm. Rushed to the bathroom to take a shower. Spoke to my mom for awhile. I miss talking to my mom, so yeah. Then I rushed off to fetch my friends and we headed to Leisure Mall. Sorry Carmen and Iggy for waiting. Haha. We had sushi for dinner at Sushi King. Pooi Mun and I have been craving for it. Hehe. After sushi, a few of us decided to go for second round. I drove to In House Cafe. We waited for 30 minutes for our drinks. After 30 minutes, the waiter came, giggled and told us to order again. We left feeling pissed off. After sending my 3 friends back, Pui Yee and I went to a nearby mamak stall for a drink.

Drove back alone. I dislike the feeling but I’ve got no choice, lol. Thank God for music. Came back home and took a quick shower. Skype-d with my future business partner, LOLOLOL. He was sleepy so we didn’t talk business. We ended up crapping. Heh.

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Hung out with Arif and Leena. I drove all the way from Nilai to Kota Damansara for the very first time. The journey was rather long but it was worth it. The famous meatballs and pasta paid off. If you guys haven’t tried the meatballs at IKEA Restaurant and Cafe, go and try now! Worth every Ringgit. After dinner, Arif and I decided to have ice cream. I can’t believe it tasted really good. Can be compared with McDonald’s ice cream. Then, we went for a movie at Cathay Cineplex. One of the most disappointing moments was when the man told us that it was a premium class if we wanted the 9 pm show. So, we decided to wait till 10 pm for the movie. We found a few massage chairs. Oh, so comfortable. Then Leena and I walked around the mall, got into an arcade arena and played the racing game. The steering was freaking sensitive. Driving a real car is so much better :X It was 9.45 pm, yay we were allowed to enter. The cinema was quite empty, lol.

After movies, it was around 11.40 pm. The parking lot was very empty. Can play bumper car in there. Hahaha. Throughout the journey back to Nilai, I slept in the car. Was too tired until Leena woke me up, lol. It was around 1 am. After fetching Leena back, Arif and I went for second round. Mamakkkkkk! :D

Movie: Chronicle

Movie rating: 7.5/10

Personal opinion: It is scary. Unexpected moments. I went speechless.

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