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It was a long weekend due to festivities. So, my family decided to take a short trip to Genting Highlands. Had a good time though it was very crowded and packed. I think the Doraemon Fair 2012 played a big part in bringing in the crowd. We didn’t manage to purchase the tickets. No Doraemon Touch N’ Go card. Nooooo. Oh yeah before I forget, one of my biggest achievements in my years of living was when I’ve successfully drove all the way up to Genting Highlands, without anyone’s help in taking over the wheels *proud moment*. Haha anyway, we celebrated my dad’s birthday. We went into this ”Hainanese Restaurant”. The bill was so high, I wanted to cry. *just kidding* My brother and I spent. Hehe. On the way down from Genting Highlands, a Toyota Camry got involved in an accident. He drove his car into the drain. No kidding. Too bad that I didn’t take a picture. And oh, we met our family friend in Gohtong Highlands Garden. Small world indeed.

— 2 years ago
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